• Joshua Basin WWTP

    Project: Hospital
    Location: Joshua Tree, CA
    Capacity: 280 m3/d (75,000 gpd)
    Contract: Design-Supply

    Key Features: Modular and Expandable, Enhanced Nitrogen Reduction, Odor and Noise Abatement, Package Plant, Remote Supervision Capability, Solar Power

    Plans to expand the Hi-Desert Medical Centre in Joshua Tree, California, also meant that a new onsite packaged wastewater treatment plant would be required to service the increased flows.

    The owner required a treatment system that would provide high quality effluent meeting the California  State requirement for Total Nitrogen of less than 10 mg/L, as well as BOD/TSS less than 15 mg/L. Additionally, as the facility is in close proximity to both the medical center and a local sheriff’s office, the technology needed to be odorless and quiet.

    The USBF® wastewater treatment technology was selected to meet these design objectives. Influent flows from the headworks to a flow splitter box where it is equally divided into two USBF® bioreactors in parallel operation. From the package plants the effluent gravity flows into the ground via existing seepage pits. The facility features a SCADA control system for remote supervision.