• Tonto Apache Tribe WWTP

    Project: Hotel & Casino
    Location: Arizona
    Capacity: 400 m3/d (100,000 gpd)
    Contract: Design-Supply

    Key Feature: Compact, Modular and Expandable, Highly Fluctuating Flow and Loading, Water Reuse, Odorless, Noiseless, Hidden, Ease of Operation

    When the Tonto Apache Tribe decided to expand its casino operations to include a 100-room hotel they wanted a complete treatment system that would allow for growth; would fit into a relatively small footprint; that could handle the flow variations from the hotel, casino and convention center; and a plant that was easy to operate so they could manage it themselves. The technology also needed to be effective, since with the shortage of water in the Southwest, they made the decision to reuse the effluent within the fire suppression system of the hotel, casino and convention center and for local irrigation.

    In 2006, the Tribe decided on the USBF® process to biologically treat the wastewater from the residences as well as the hotel, casino and convention center. Sand filters and UV Disinfection were utilized for tertiary treatment. Construction commenced in late 2006 and the decentralized plant was completed and commissioned in May 2007.