• UniverCity Childcare WWTP

    Project: Childcare Center
    Location: British Columbia
    Capacity: 5 m3/d (2,000 gpd)
    Contract: Design-Supply-Operate

    Key Features: Living Building Challenge Compliant, Odorless, Noiseless, Out-of-sight

    This USBF® wastewater treatment plant is installed to meet the stringent requirements of the Living Building Challenge (beyond LEED). The system treats wastewater from approximately 50 children and 12 staff at the new UniverCity Childcare Facility at Simon Fraser University.

    The plant produces effluent consistently containing less than 10 mg/L of BOD5, less than 20 mg/L TSS, and a fecal coliform count of less than 400 CFU / 100 mL.

    Wastewater from the building is pumped via a lift station and treated in the USBF® bioreactor. It is then pumped to UV disinfection and is subsequently discharged to the effluent disposal field. The plant is operated and maintained by ECOfluid.