Senkulmen WWTP Expansion


The Osoyoos Indian Band, owners and operators of a USBF® wastewater treatment plant at their Senkulmen Business Park in Oliver, BC, recently contracted ECOfluid to expand capacity from the original 200 m3/d (50,000 gpd) to 500 m3/d (130,000 gpd), in preparation for adding new major users, including a new federal correctional facility.

In addition to modular expandability, design objectives include effluent Total Nitrogen less than 10 mg/L, and flexibility and robustness to handle influent streams from a local winery as well as the future federal correctional facility.

Work on the expansion began in October 2014, and continued over the winter (with a short break at Christmas). Despite the cold construction window, the expansion was completed and commissioned in February 2015, well before the March 31 deadline. During construction, the plant operated as normal and the operators were closely involved with the project, getting more familiar with the process and providing input.

Says David Sivyer, Head Operator of the Senkulmen WWTP, “it has been a good expansion. Working as a team and being involved gave us valuable insight for the future operation.”

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