Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Using immersed hollow fiber or flat plate membranes, membrane filtration bioreactors (MBR) have been widely adopted by the wastewater treatment industry. The integrated MBR places the biological and the membrane filtration processes within the same tank(s). The placement, together with operation at an elevated mixed liquor solids (MLSS) concentration results in a compact, space saving and treatment efficient configuration. ECOfluid’s MBR systems utilize California Title 22 approved PVDF flat sheet membranes with a nominal pore size of 0.08 micron.


  Containerized MBR WWTP          

container membrane package plant assembly

Flat Sheet Membrane Filtration Module



In some applications, separating the biological and the membrane filtration processes may be advantageous. ECOfluid USBF process followed by external membranes configuration eliminates ‘special requirement influent fine screening’ and allows for the biological and filtration processes unimpeded optimization. The result is a membrane quality effluent with two-step filtration reliability, and improved flexibility of operation.

USBF-Ultra-Flo flow diagram 03-19