Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) / Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

ECOfluid provides two fixed film, or attached growth, wastewater treatment processes: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS). Both are suitable for the upgrade of existing systems, or construction of new plants. The processes utilize media to provide a large surface area for the biomass to attach and grow in a protected environment. This fixed, dense biomass improves process stability, increases system loading rates, and results in a more compact bioreactor. Various configurations can be applied to meet a multitude of objectives, including treatment capacity increase, BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification.

MBBR utilizes free floating plastic carrier media as biomass carriers that maintain suspension by aeration. The single pass, continuous flow through process is robust and simple to operate with minimal process complexity. Its versatility allows it to be considered in a variety of applications.

IFAS is a hybrid process that features the benefits of both fixed film and conventional suspended growth activated sludge treatment processes. It is a highly flexible treatment process that incorporates return activated sludge (RAS) to maintain biomass control. The integrated process enables activated sludge systems to increase treatment capacity and improve plant performance. Both fixed and free floating media can be utilized as biomass carriers.

MBBR / IFAS Benefits

  • easy, cost-effective installation
  • compact footprint
  • increased treatment capacity
  • flexible, robust treatment capabilities
  • improved process stability
  • simple operation


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