About Us

ECOfluid designs, builds and operates small to medium capacity advanced wastewater treatment systems. As a designer, supplier, builder or operator, ECOfluid has, since 1995, taken part in over 200 advanced wastewater treatment systems throughout North America and the Caribbean, serving municipalities, private developments, resorts and industry.

In 1998, to provide a link between the design and the plant operating experience, operations and maintenance services division was launched. The division has added a very valuable dimension to ECOfluid group, by providing a close and immediate feedback and crosscheck between designers and operators, and facilitating continuous improvement of technologies and processes.

ECOfluid is a fully owned subsidiary of NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd., a recognized worldwide leader in the fields of nitration, sulphuric acid and electrochemical plant design and construction.

To find out more about ECOfluid, or to speak to our team about your wastewater treatment needs, contact us.