Project Profiles

Industrial WWTP

Project: Industrial
Location: Surrey, BC
Capacity: 80 m3/d (21,000 USGPD)
Contract: Design – Supply

Key Features:

Agricultural Feed Product Processing Wastewater; High Ammonia; Water Reuse

Industrial facilities are major users of water, and now more than ever there is pressure, both externally (cost) and internally (as good environmental citizens), to use less – which means reusing where possible. These facilities also produce specific wastewater, often heavy with at least one contaminant, that has to be cleaned up prior to discharging into a municipal collection system. Often financial penalties are involved with discharge violations.

A facility that produces an agricultural feed product was facing these issues and sought out ECOfluid for a solution specifically to reduce ammonia and produce reusable effluent (by reducing BOD and TSS).

With the help of parent company NORAM Engineering & Constructors, ECOfluid first set up a sampling program to analyze the contents of the wastewater. From there, a packaged steel tank bioreactor centered around Upflow Sludge Blanket Filter (USBF) technology was designed and fabricated.

The treatment plant was delivered in July 2020, installed, and after a biological maturation period as well as some troubleshooting – namely combatting alkalinity loss during denitrification – the system started to produce effluent that met the client’s goals by October.

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