Project Profiles

Snug Cove WWTP

Project: Municipality
Location: Bowen Island, BC
Capacity: 240 m3/d (63,000 gpd)
Contract: Design-Build-Operate

Key Features: Modular and Expandable; Odour and Noise Abatement; Sludge Dewatering; External Membrane MBR Treatment; Effluent Reuse for Irrigation;Septage Receiving Station.

This advanced wastewater treatment plant serves a commerial center, a school and a subdivision located on an island a short ferry ride from Vancouver.

Due to limited space available, the plant was installed within a community park. Small footprint, noise reduction design, and the odorless nature of the USBF® process combined to make the installation possible.

The plant was built in two phases with the first, very basic configuration of the USBF®, completed in 1999.

In 2009 the plant was expanded and upgraded. The upgrade included installation of new mechanical headworks, doubling the plant capacity, upgrading treatment capabilities to produce effluent for irrigation reuse, mechanical sludge dewatering, pressurizing the outfall, and adding a septage receiving pilot facility.

The plant was operated by ECOfluid from completion of the first phase, until a recent turnover to the municipality

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